KMPlayer Introduction

B2B Business
- In the process of B2G type Toolbar Revenue Share search business
Software development, provide services
- Provide & develop Global Multi-Media Player software
- Start a new conversions business through P2P Grid Engine and cloud solutions development
Content & Service Distribution Business
- Provide a Third Party Services
- User Create Service
- Partnership Service
- Initiate webhard, content distribution partnership
- Initiate global distribution business of K-Pop contents
- Distribution of HCN Web TV contents

KMPlayer Organization

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LSM(Local Service Master)

What is Local Service Master?
We have formed a Global Service Network in order to provide localized services to our world wide KMP users. By selecting each country’s professionals in the IT/Internet Field, KMP collects & analyzes each local’s issues and additional requests through LSMs in order to help our users . LSMs also are in charge of business partnership trade of promotion & marketing for their own locals.


Enrique Sánchez


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Alan Feng


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LSM (Local Service Master) Recruitment for PANDORA.TV Co., Ltd. / KMPlayer
PANDORA.TV Co., Ltd. would like to offer the localized service for global users and we're looking for Local Service Masters, who will help us to establish Global Service Network. Your sincere attention and opinions will very much be appreciated for the better service of KMPlayer.
Please read the following details of the recruitment and check the duties & benefits for the Local Service Master.
1. Recruit area
  • A. Russia (Native of Russia, fluent in Russian & English)
  • B. UK (Native of UK, fluent in English)
  • C. USA (Native of USA, fluent in English)
  • D. China (Native of China, fluent in Chinese & English OR Chinese & Korean)
  • E. Canada (Native of Canada, fluent in English)
  • F. Australia (Native of Australia, fluent in English)
  • G. Japan (Native of Japan, fluent in Japanese & English OR Japanese & Korean)
2. Requirements of application
  • A. Preferably someone who works for an IT or Internet company and is aware of Internet Business specifically in the online video & gaming businesses.
    • - For USA, UK, Canada & Australia ONLY *because of you language fluency requirement is less than others, you currently must be in an IT field* -
  • B. Professional fluency in English a must! – Verbal & Written
3. Work descriptions
  • A. Search & contract dealing with local/regional business partners
    • - Service what local users want.
    • - Other areas' services that specific local users want.
  • B. Research
    • - Local research and contacting with local downloading websites.
    • - Local research and contacting with local websites where KMPlayer can run a promotion & do marketing.
    • - Provide articles to the bloggers & for the Media companies.
  • C. Establishing communities on FACEBOOK & twitter
    • - publishing articles and communicating with users.
  • D. Local Download site management.
  • E. Competitors’ analysis.
  • F. Local market analysis (user trends and needs for the service).
4. Duties
  • A. Reports
    • - Weekly summarized reports
    • - 1 Monthly report due every month
    • - PR/Marketing plan reports (per request)
  • B. Forum Management- Answer & help users who need help
  • C. SNS Management
    • - Facebook
    • - Twitter
    • - Google Plus
  • D. Business Partnership Proposal
    • - Contacting businesses that could potentially be PANDORA.TV Co., Ltd partner (ex: online video game, movie distributors, IT magazine companies…)
5. Pay
  • A. PANDORA.TV Co., Ltd pays activity wage to each expert based on a reasonable calculation and it depends on each expert’s demographic area (every country’s pay rate varies). The criteria of activity performance should mutually be agreed between PANDORA.TV Co., Ltd and each expert. (Please kindly leave your comment regarding this issue about appropriate amount of activity wage).
  • B. Pay will be wired on a monthly basis.
6. Documents for submission
  • A. Self introduction Cover Letter
  • B. Resume (English OR Korean)
  • C. Send to:
Please email your resume in English or Korean only & resumes submitted without a cover letter will automatically be rejected. Thank you for your interest!