Where can I check wallet address?

Go to KMPlex → Setting → Click [My wallet] → you can check wallet address

I didn’t receive an authentication text.

Please check the following points if you are not receiving the verification message:

1. If you have enabled blocking of foreign (international) text messages in your mobile carrier or phone settings, please disable the message blocking and try again.
2. Continuous requests for text messages from the same IP address may result in temporary blocking. Please wait for a certain period of time and try again, or attempt the verification process again the next day.

After taking these two measures, if you encounter the same issue, please send the following information to the customer support email ( your phone number, error screenshot, and wallet address.

I didn’t get a point when I follow Twitter.

Maintain Twitter follow for more than 7 days.

If you maintain a Twitter follow for more than 7 days and still haven't received any points, please send your cellphone number and wallet address to customer service(

Can I create multiple accounts with one cell number?

When creating an account, a cellphone number is required.

According to our internal policy, creating an account is not allowed with dual SIM or eSIM

After Signup my cell number is changed. what should I do?

If a user changes their cellphone number, they need to send the information to customer service(

After sending the personal information, we can proceed to change the cellphone number.

Required information:
(Original) cellphone number
(New) cellphone number
Wallet address

My account is suspended

The user's usage pattern has been identified as that of a malicious user, and as a result, their account has been suspended.

If you would like to inquire about the detailed reasons for this action, please send the following information to the customer support email at

Required information:
1. Screenshot of the suspension screen
2. User’s mobile number (including country code)
3. Wallet address

(However, please note that we are unable to provide any assistance regarding fraudulent activities committed by the user, such as withdrawals or exchanges. Additionally, once an account has been suspended, it cannot be reinstated. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.)

What is ADID(IDFA) change warning and account suspended?

ADID is the identified advertising information on a cellphone.

When you change the ADID, an alert is displayed. If a user changes the ADID more than three times, it is considered fraudulent activity, and KMPlex services will be suspended.

Please be aware if a user account is suspended, point exchange and account resumption are not allowed.

[No ad available. Please try again later.] I saw this message on the app. How can I handle this one?

This message appears when a short AD.

Please try again in 5 minutes.

Thank you